All agencies working on Delhi flood plan, says Manish Sisodia


Vehicles have been submerged in the national capital due to congestion (File)

New Delhi:

A few hours after the collapse of a house in a slum in central Delhi near ITO and the discovery of a floating body near the Minto bridge following heavy rain in the national capital, the Deputy Minister Chief Manish Sisodia said Sunday that all of Delhi’s agencies – Department of Public Works (PWD), Delhi Jal Board (DJB), Delhi Municipal Corporation and Flood Department – are working on a plan, which is being implemented.

In a conversation with the ANI news agency, Mr. Sisodia said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is personally monitoring the situation.

“All the agencies, including the PWD, the DJB, the Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Flood Department, are working on a flood plan. They are all carrying out the plan. Part of our management was occupied by COVID -19, but we do the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, is personally monitoring the situation, “he said.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the death from engorgement was sad and that there was no excuse for the incident.

“The area near the Minto Bridge is waterlogged every year and we use a pump to drain the water and the same thing was done this year too. Regarding the house taken to Anna Nagar, the team from Rescue has been dispatched to the scene, have been affected because of this, will be compensated. Measures will be taken to prevent such an incident from happening again, “he added.

He added: “I ask the BJP to ask their mayors to help the Delhi government and we must work together instead of fighting each other.”


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