A giant machine for a Maharashtra space project reaches Kerala after a year


The truck carrying an aerospace horizontal autoclave reached Thiruvananthapuram today.


A truck that left last year from Maharashtra carrying heavy and sophisticated machinery for a space research project at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram, reached the city of Kerala today.

“We started the trip on July 8, 2019 from Maharashtra. Now, after traveling for a year and crossing four states, we have reached Thiruvananthapuram. We hope to deliver the cargo today to VRCC,” said a staff member. traveling with cargo.

The truck carries an aerospace horizontal autoclave which is used to make materials in weightlessness. It started in Maharashtra a year ago for the Thiruvananthapuram VSSC.

Finally, after crossing four states covering 5 kilometers per day, it reached Thiruvananthapuram. 32 staff members accompany the truck.

The machine weighs around 70 tonnes and has a height and width of 7.5 meters and 6.65 meters respectively. It was manufactured in Nashik and will soon be ordered for the Indian space research project.

“We use ropes to carry the weight of the cargo. It is pulled by two axles, front and rear. Both have 32 wheels each and the extractor has 10 wheels. The extractor pulls everything. The suspension bridge weighs 10 tonnes and the cargo weighs 78 tonnes. The weight is distributed over the two axles, “said the manager.


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