12 people arrested, more than 1,655 kg of cannabis seized in Bihar, Jharkhand


A total of 1,655 kg of cannabis was seized in two operations. (Representative)

New Delhi:

Twelve people were arrested last week in Bihar and Jharkhand and more than 1,655 kg of cannabis were seized by the Office of Narcotic Control (NCB), officials of the central anti-drug agency said on Sunday. narcotics.

The contraband was seized from nationally licensed trucks and other vehicles, and in one case, cannabis was concealed in bags of peanuts, they said.

“Based on the information provided by a large quantity of ganja (cannabis) transported from the border between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha to Bihar and Jharkhand, the Patna zonal unit seized the cache from 15 to 16 July” , said the Deputy Director of Operations for the NCB, KPS Malhotra. said in a statement here.

“This has resulted in the crackdown on two networks of ganja traffickers,” he said.

Malhotra said a total of 1,655 kg of cannabis had been seized during two operations by the NCB in Bihar and Jharkhand last week and 12 people were arrested.

“In one case, the traffickers used the peanut suit to smuggle the contraband,” said the officer.

The destruction of this drug network, operating from Odisha, will prove to be a major achievement in combating the threat of cannabis smuggling not only in this region, but will be a major blow to these networks operating throughout the country, he said.

“The BCN has launched a systematic investigation into these cases, with a particular focus on the financial trail of this network, and links are also being explored if the revenues eventually go to anti-state activities, especially in areas affected by Naxal. “

“The illicit cultivation of ganja is often known to occur in areas prone to insurgency and extremism,” said Mr. Malhotra.

It’s the cannabis harvest season, which is a short-term cash crop, he said.

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