UK top civil servant Sir Mark Sedwill to stop paving the way for major upheaval


Sir Mark Sedwill was also cabinet secretary and national security advisor


Britain’s top official, Sir Mark Sedwill, said on Sunday that he would step down as it was revealed that part of his job would go to the British Brexit negotiator.

His exit could pave the way for a disruption in the way the public service is run at the highest level, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s longest-serving and controversial adviser Dominic Cummings supposed to oversee these reforms.

In a statement, Sedwill said he would step down in September after holding various positions under the leadership of seven prime ministers.

Sedwill’s job was not only to be head of the public service, but also cabinet secretary and national security adviser.

The national security post will now be taken over by Brexit negotiator David Frost.

“I look forward to helping to realize the Prime Minister’s vision for a global Britain, with real influence around the world,” said Frost.

He will remain as chief negotiator for the remainder of the Brexit talks.

Britain is still in the process of concluding its final agreement with the European Union as the end-of-year deadline approaches, with some believing that it could eventually leave without an agreement being reached.

Johnson said he was confident that Frost would make a “difference in this country’s ability to project its influence for the better”.

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