Trump tweets, then deletes video of supporter shouting at White Power


Doanld Trump deleted video from Twitter account amid outrage (File)


US President Donald Trump shared a video of a confrontation between anti-Trump protesters and his supporters on Sunday in which a man chants “white power” – before removing him in the midst of an uproar.

“Thank you to the great people at The Villages,” Trump tweeted above the video clip. “The radical left will do nothing Democrats will fall in the fall.”

The footage, apparently filmed in a Florida retirement community, shows a man driving a golf cart carrying “Trump 2020” and “America First” signs, heckled by a road racer chanting “racist”.

As they yell at them, the driver repeats the words “white power” several times with a raised fist.

“White power! There, white power. Did you hear that?” the protester yells at him.

Trump tweeted the video shortly after 7:30 a.m. But at 11 a.m., he was no longer visible on his Twitter account.

Trump has long been accused of fueling racial tension, particularly during the national race of racial inequalities triggered by the death in detention of African-American George Floyd a month ago.

Sadly famous, after deadly violence between neo-Nazis and counter-demonstrators in the city of Charlottesville in Virginia in 2017, he said there were “very good people on both sides”.

The video “Villages” sparked an immediate reaction on social media, and Trump’s allies were pressed to defend it during Sunday morning talk shows.

Only Republican black senator Tim Scott, interviewed on CNN’s “State of the Union”, called the entire video “offensive”.

“We can play politics with it or we can’t. I’m not going. I think it’s untenable. We should withdraw it. That’s what I think.”

Also questioned about CNN, Trump’s health secretary Alex Azar said he had not seen Trump’s images or tweet.

“But obviously, neither the president, nor his administration, nor I would do anything to support white supremacy or anything that would support discrimination of any kind,” said Azar.

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