Highest peak in one day brings Tamil Nadu total to 82,275 COVID-19 cases


Tamil Nadu reported a record single-day peak of nearly 4,000 new cases of coronavirus.


On Sunday, Tamil Nadu reported a record day-long peak of nearly 4,000 new cases of coronavirus, pushing the overall toll beyond 82,000, while 54 new deaths were reported.

The number of cases in the state rose to 1,079, while the total number of positive cases reached 82,275, the government said in a medical report.

Chief Minister K Palaniswami, while assuring that his government was doing everything it could to contain the pandemic, searched the statement by the head of the DMK, MP MK Stalin, that the ruling party ignored his suggestions.

The Leader of the Opposition was only issuing political statements, said the chief minister.

According to the government, as many as 45,537 people, including 1,443 on Sunday, have left various hospitals, leaving 35,656 active cases, including those isolated.

Chennai continued to report a high number of cases – up to 1,992 infections out of the 3,940 cases reported on Sunday.

Chennai has also registered a maximum of 809 deaths, out of a total of 1,079 deaths in the state so far.

According to the bulletin, eight of the 54 dead are patients without “ comorbidities ” and among the dead, an 18-month-old baby from Villupuram who died on June 27.

Patients with comorbidities who died from the virus include a 91-year-old man with diabetes mellitus.

Among the districts, Chengalpet with 5,051 cases in total and Tiruvallur with 3,524 of them remained at the top of the ranking after Chennai.

With the government improving sample testing, 32,948 specimens were tested on Sunday, bringing the total to 11.10 lakh so far.

Meanwhile, E Palaniswami and MK Stalin argued over the state of the virus, the latter alleging that the dispensation did not take into account the suggestions he had made and that he was not playing politics on this subject.

“I have given hundreds of suggestions so far. Although the AIADMK is in power, the DMK has a duty to protect the population,” he said in a video message.

Many doctors interacted with him and he passed their suggestions on to the government, said the head of the DMK.

“But chief minister Palaniswami neither listened to nor implemented,” he said, adding that the chief minister was “arrogant” about it.

Cases and deaths have increased as the chief minister insisted that there was no community transmission, he said.

Responding to MK Stalin’s remarks, E Palaniswami said that the daily statements by the leader of the opposition were only “political” in nature.

“These (statements) are only political. Is he saying something about the pandemic – how to prevent the spread, or how to cure it. Did he say something,” he told reporters at Salem.

The entire machinery of government was working in full swing to contain the pandemic and on the advice of WHO, the Center, the ICMR and the group of experts appointed by him on the issue, he said. declared.

Good government management has reduced the number of deaths, although Tamil Nadu is doing better in terms of positive ratio / deaths compared to other states, he said.

“This is due to the fact that the government acted on the advice of the experts and the treatment given by our doctors accordingly,” he said, adding that many front line workers were engaged in the fight against the virus.

Striking at MK Stalin, E Palaniswami said that the former had made a “practice” of criticizing the government and the chief minister, “because he remains only inside”.

“Where did he go? He made occasional visits to show that he was reaching out to people. But myself, MP CM (O Panneerselvam), the ministers and everyone else is doing our best,” said he added.

The virus is a “new disease” and even the superpowers are struggling to cope with it, he said.

Regarding the possible extension of the state foreclosure, the Prime Minister said that the government would rule on the matter after its discussions with the panel of experts on Monday.

The government had previously extended the state foreclosure until June 30, in addition to planning a more intense 12-day program in Chennai and its three neighboring districts with a heavy workload starting on June 19.


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