Sandesh candies ready to market to boost immunity of West Bengal: Official


the sandesh is expected to arrive in the next two months. (Representative)


The adorable Bengalis have much to celebrate in the days of COVID-19 when the government of West Bengal decided to release a “sandesh“which will contain honey from the Sundarbans and increase immunity,” an official said on Sunday.

Cotton cheese made from cow’s milk will be mixed with pure honey from the Sunderbans to prepare the “Arogya Sandesh“which will also contain extracts of tulsi leaves,” an official from the animal resource development department told PTI.

No artificial flavor would be added to the sweet meat that will be available at outlets in the city department and surrounding areas, he said.

the sandesh will strengthen the immune system as a whole, but it is not a COVID-19 antidote, the official said.

Sunderbans Affairs Minister Manturam Pakhira said that the honey used to make Arogya Sandesh will be collected in hives in places such as Pirkhali, Jharkhali and other parts of the Sunderbans and will be scientifically stored.

The sandesh is expected to arrive in the next two months and the prices will be within the reach of the common man, said the head of the animal resource development department.

Earlier this month, a renowned Kolkata candy chain came out with “immunity Sandesh“claiming that it contains various herbs and spices such as haldi (turmeric), tulsi, saffron and cardamom and Himalayan honey, which will boost immunity to fight the new coronavirus.


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