Balashahab Thorat answers Rahul Gandhi’s questions on the Chinese question and not on politics


Mr. Thorat said that Rahul Gandhi has raised issues of concern to the general public. (File)


The Chairman of the Congress Committee of Maharashtra Pradesh (MPCC) and the Minister of Revenue of Maharashtra, Balasaheb Thorat, said that the Congress party was with the government on the question of China, but that does not mean that questions do not should not be asked on matters of national interest.

“The questions raised by Rahul Gandhi on border security are not politics, but a responsibility given by the people. We cannot compare the situation of 1962 with what is happening today. Not a single soldier “lost his life on the Indo-Chinese border in 45 years. Our 20 soldiers were martyred in the Galwan valley because of the Chinese aggression,” said Mr. Thorat.

“Even then, the Prime Minister says that no one has intruded on our territory. Using his statements, China calls our martyrs an intruder. Like the Party of Congress, Sharad Pawar must also have been saddened”, he added.

Mr. Thorat said that Rahul Gandhi has raised issues of concern to the general public.

“The concerns raised by Rahul concern the integrity of our country. Even today, the Prime Minister has not said a word about the Chinese aggression in his” Mann Ki Baat “program. be quiet. BJP shouldn’t look at Congress’s suggestions as politics! If it’s about the integrity of the country, then Rahul and the Congress Party will keep asking questions, “he said. -he says.

NCP President Sharad Pawar said on Saturday that national security issues should not be politicized.

“We cannot forget what happened in 1962 when China occupied 45,000 km2 of our territory. At the moment, I don’t know if they occupied land, but when discussing this, we must remember national security issues should not be politicized, “said Pawar.


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