Focus on the fight against COVID-19, the Chinese aggression


Questioning does not mean that we are questioning the consensus of the nation, said Anand Sharma. (File)

New Delhi:

Congress leader Anand Sharma said on Sunday that the government should focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic and Chinese aggression instead of worrying about the party.

“Talk about 2020 and what has been done at our borders, what are the situations we are facing right now. These are not two political parties. These are national titles. They should be focused on the Chinese aggression and the coronavirus. It is an unprecedented situation and the government should inform the decisions in Parliament, “said Sharma to ANI.

“Interior Minister Amit Shah should not worry about Congress. We had presidents after Rajiv Gandhi. Sitaram Kesri and former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao were party presidents,” he said. .

Mr. Sharma was reacting to Mr. Shah’s statement where he said that after Indira Gandhi, there was no other President of Congress outside the Gandhi family.

Reacting to Mr. Shah’s statement that the government was ready for a solid debate on issues such as the 1962 India-China war, Mr. Sharma said that the Center was obliged to convene parliament.

“We have requested a parliamentary session to discuss the current situation in the country. It is the duty of the government to answer questions from the opposition. It is not a favor that the government is doing, it is required to do so . right of deputies to request answers from the government. The government is obliged to convene parliament, “he said.

“Questioning does not mean that we are questioning the consensus of the nation. We are with the armed forces and the government’s decision for national security,” added the chief of congress.


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