Help Prabhat Mishra of Vikas Dubey, torn off with a pistol, died in reprisal: UP Cops


Prabhat Mishra snatched a pistol from a police officer and shot it, police said.


Prabhat Mishra, an accomplice of gangster Vikas Dubey, snatched a pistol from a police officer and fired from it while he was taken to Kanpur on remand, said a senior police official, adding that the man had died as a result of reprisals.

At a press conference, senior police official Jyoti Narayan said that Kartik, aka Prabhat Mishra, was a wanted criminal and was arrested in Faridabad on July 8.

“When he was brought to Kanpur on remand, he pulled out a police pistol and shot two injured police officers. In retaliation, the police shot him and he was later pronounced dead in hospital”, did he declare.

Narayan said further investigation is underway.

Prabhat Mishra and Bahua Dubey, close associates of Vikas Dubey, were killed during separate meetings in Etawah and Kanpur.

Vikas Dubey was arrested by Ujjain police this morning.

He is the main accused of the meeting which took place in Kanpur last week, during which a group of attackers opened fire on a team of police officers, who had gone to arrest him. Eight police officers were killed during the meeting. (ANI)


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