Bengal CID Plots to Trap Me in Manish Shukla Murder: BJP MP Arjun Singh


Arjun Singh accused the investigative agency of failing to arrest the “culprits” (File)


Arjun Singh, BJP MP for Barrackpore, Bengal, said on Saturday that the West Bengal Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was “plotting” to trap him in the Manish Shukla murder case.

BJP adviser Manish Shukla, who was a close associate of Arjun Singh, was shot dead in Titagarh on October 4.

“I had a conversation with senior CID officers where they discussed whether Arjun Singh had been trapped. As I follow this conversation, I am sure that they (the CID officers) are conspiring to trap me in the case, ”Singh said.

The BJP legislator accused the CID of failing to arrest the “culprits” who “roam free”.

Trinamool’s chief congressman Nirmal Ghosh dismissed Arjun Singh’s claims and said the investigative agency was doing its best and that the Manish Shukla murderers and the conspirators behind the murder would soon be behind the bars.

“We have better things to do than react to what Arjun Singh is saying. He is a Bahubali (strong man) from the region. The CID is on the right track. Soon the people behind this murder will be brought to the book, ”Mr. Ghosh said.

CID agents plan to travel to Nalanda, Bihar, to search for others implicated in the murder of Manish Shukla, sources said.

The agency has so far arrested three people in connection with the murder.


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