Haryana Man Fakes Death to Get Insurance Money, Later Arrested: Police


Hansi police investigate the case further (Representation)


A businessman has been arrested for allegedly faking his death to secure an insurance amount of Rs 1.6 crore, Hansi police said on Saturday.

The main defendant Rammehar, from the village of Datta in Hissar, allegedly made up a story of his own death to receive the insurance money, Hansi police informed.

“On October 6, after midnight to 12:05 am, the manager of Hansi station was informed that two motorcycles and a car were chasing Rammehar on the Mahajat Road. On our way from Bhatla to Mahajat Road, we saw a car and a charred body inside, and at the same time, Rammehar’s family members also arrived there, ”said Lockender Singh, Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP).

He added: “Police recovered the vehicle and transported the body to hospital for an autopsy. The investigation revealed a clear fabrication of the incident that Rammehar conspired on his own.”

The Hansi policy found two insurance policies – Rs 1,10,00,000 from the State Bank of India and Rs 50,00,000 from Life Insurance Corporation, under its name. The investigation in this regard is ongoing, police said.

Police said Ramemehar was not dead and after further investigation police arrested him in Bilaspur. Based on the details, it was revealed that Rammehar himself executed the incident. The police are in the process of finding out if anyone else was part of the plot.

Rammehar graduated from high school and owns about 15 acres of land.

Hansi police are investigating the case further.

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