82 Bangladeshi nationals who attended the Delhi mosque event in the middle of COVID-19 obtain bail


82 Bangladeshi accused of attending Tablighi Jamaat meeting in Delhi obtain bail

New Delhi:

A Delhi court today released bail to 82 Bangladeshi nationals accused of attending the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi for allegedly violating visa requirements, carrying out missionary activities illegally and violating directives from the government, issued following the COVID-19 epidemic.

Metropolitan chief magistrate Gurmohina Kaur granted relief to foreigners for providing a personal deposit of 10,000 rupees each.

The accused will file his plea bargaining requests on Friday, said lawyers Ashima Mandla and Mandakini Singh, appearing for the foreign nationals.

As part of the plea bargain, the accused pleaded guilty to the offense, praying for a lesser sentence.

Criminal procedure under the Code authorizes the negotiation of pleas for cases where the maximum penalty is imprisonment for seven years, when the offenses do not affect the socio-economic conditions of society and when the offenses are not committed against a woman or child under 14. .

During the hearing, all foreign nationals were brought before the court by videoconference.

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