Lara Dutta shares the real story behind her “calm” at Miss Universe 20 years ago


Lara Dutta shared this photo (with permission larabhupathi)

Strong points

  • Lara Dutta was crowned Miss Universe on May 12, 2000
  • She recently reacted to a return video shared by Twitter from the contest.
  • In the video, Lara answers a few questions on stage

New Delhi:

Lara Dutta, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2000, revealed the true story of her “calm” when she was on the Miss Universe stage two decades ago. Reacting to a return video from the official Miss Universe Twitter, Lara Dutta wrote: “For all this ‘calm’, I was a bundle of nerves! Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes. Every time I look this, i still think i must have tapped into a zen zone! thanks from above! “Lara also added LOL emojis in her tweet. In the video for the Miss Universe contest in 2000, Lara Dutta can be seen addressing questions about Indian women politicians and her dream as a boss and also explaining the concept of Bharatnatyam, confidently saying to the person who poses the question that she cannot show even a few steps of the dance form as she is in a dress.

As the camera moves towards Lara Dutta greeting the audience, one of the co-hosts can be seen saying to the camera: “She is absolutely breathtaking … and she is so calm. She is breathing just calm down “while her colleague adds:” Grace under pressure, I think it’s called. I think she has it. “

Here’s what Lara Dutta tweeted:

This year on May 12, Lara Dutta celebrated twenty years of her victory in Miss Universe with a message, writing: “20 years to the day! May 12, 2000, Nicosia, Cyprus. What a wonderful gift to receive from the universe! One I I am eternally grateful to you. “The Miss Universe competition took place in the island country of Cyprus in 2000.

2000 started with the Miss India competition in January, during which Lara Dutta won the Priyanka Chopra and Dia Mirza awards. While Lara was crowned Miss Universe in May, Priyanka won the title of Miss World for India in November and Dia Mirza won the title of Miss Asia-Pacific. Lara Dutta was the second Indian candidate to win the competition after Sushmita Sen in 1994.

Barely three years after her victory in Miss Universe, Lara Dutta entered Bollywood with a 2003 film Andaaz. She is best known for playing in films such as Bhagam Bhag, Kaal, partner, Chalo Dilli and the Don series. She was last seen Welcome to new york. Lara married former tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi in 2011 and they are the parents of a daughter named Saira.


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