Vikas Dubey dead but 10 others will replace him, says killed DSP parent Devendra Mishra


DSP Devendra Mishra was ambushed by Vikas Dubey and his gang last week

New Delhi:

The family of a senior police officer killed in an ambush by gangster Vikas Dubey and his men called for action against “those who helped him prosper and protect him” in Uttar Pradesh. Vikas Dubey was killed in a meeting after a road accident this morning when he was taken to Kanpur from Madhya Pradesh, where he was arrested yesterday, police said.

“The only sense of justice that I feel is that we can carry out the rituals of a family member knowing that at least his murderer is not alive. But there is an illness in our society and it remains unchanged, “said Kamla Kant. Mishra, the brother-in-law of Deputy Police Superintendent Devendra Mishra, who was one of the eight UP police officers killed in the ambush last week when they went to arrest the notorious gangster.

“Those who sheltered Vikas, those who helped him to prosper and gave him protection, they are all still intact. One Vikas Dubey has died, but 10 others will replace him. 16 are still at large,” said M. Mishra.

“The politicians who helped him during the elections, what about them? It is thanks to such people that criminals like Dubey thrive. How did Dubey kill someone in a thana (police station) and runs away? We need to strike at the roots of If Dubey was alive, then at least we could have attacked other white collar criminals, “said Mishra.

“I don’t think this is the end of the story, but it is only the beginning,” he said, the PTI news agency reported.

UP police said Vikas Dubey had tried to run away after the car in which he and some of the police were driving overturned on a rainy road. He was shot, like many of his accomplices who, according to the police, also tried to escape. Vikas Dubey’s close collaborator, Aman Dubey, was shot dead after being chased by police in a village on Wednesday.

In his 50s, Vikas Dubey had more than 60 criminal cases against him, including murder, kidnapping and extortion. His alleged ties to the police and politicians helped him stay in prison for years.

Last Friday, a large team of police officers who went to the village of Vikas Dubey in Bikru to arrest him in an attempted murder case were surprised by indiscriminate shots from the roofs.

Eight officers were killed in the ambush set up after the gangster was notified by a local police inspector.


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