United States approves 4 COVID-19 vaccine candidates for clinical trials


The United States could hit 100,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day, warned lead health expert Anthony Fauci. (Representative)


The United States has approved four candidate coronavirus vaccines for clinical trials, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief Stephen Hahn told reporters.

“Four vaccines have been approved for clinical trials … and six more are under review,” said Hahn at a press briefing on Tuesday.

The U.S. Administration launched Operation Warp Speed, a joint health and defense project in May, which aims to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine for COVID-19 by January 2021.

The country’s top pandemic expert, Anthony Fauci, however warned on Tuesday that there is no certainty that the United States will be able to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 that works and will be safe.

He added that vaccine effectiveness data may be available in winter or early next year.


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