Patanjali, Coronil: Never said that Patanjali’s medicine can cure COVID-19: CEO Acharya Balkrishna


Ayush’s ministry asked Patanjali to provide details on the drug (File)

New Delhi:

Patanjali Ayurved, yoga teacher, Ramdev, has never claimed to be able to cure COVID-19 with his drugs, Coronil and Swasari, the company’s chief executive officer, Acharya Balkrishna, said on Tuesday, adding that he had just shared favorable results from clinical trials on patients. The Center had banned the company from advertising the products after Ramdev, in a sensational assertion last week, said that he had cured 280 patients in a few days during tests.

“We never said that the drug (coronil) could cure or control the corona, we said that we had manufactured drugs and used them in controlled clinical trials that cured corona patients. no confusion, “said Acharya Balkrishna, CEO of Patanjali. as the ANI news agency says.

Ayush’s ministry had asked Patanjali to provide details such as the composition of the drugs, the results of its research, the hospitals where the research was conducted, whether the company had obtained authorization from the institutional ethics committee and whether she signed up for the trial clinic.

A licensing official later stated that the company had requested a license for an “immunity booster and cough and fever treatment” and never disclosed that the products were part of drug kits. The state government had sent a notice to the company.

“In response to our notification, Patanjali stated that no Corona kits had been packaged by them. Patanjali printed a representative image of the coronavirus on the Coronil package. Samples of Coronil and two other drugs were taken for testing, “YS Rawat, license manager, Uttarakhand Ayurved Department, was quoted on Tuesday by the ANI news agency.

Ramdev said the company had collaborated with the National Private Institute of Medical Sciences or the NIMS University of Jaipur for clinical trials.

“We are launching the COVID drugs Coronil and Swasari today. We conducted two trials of these drugs, the first controlled clinical study, which took place in Delhi, Ahmedabad, in many other cities. As part of this program, 280 patients were included and 100% of those who recovered. “We were able to control Corona and its complications in this area. After that, the most important clinical control trial was conducted, “he said.

“With the help of NIMS, Jaipur, we conducted the clinical control study on 95 patients. The biggest thing that came out was that within three days, 69% of the patients recovered and became negative for positive (cases) and within seven days 100 percent of them became negative, “he added.

The highly communicable disease, which has killed hundreds of thousands of thousands around the world, currently has no evidence-based cure. However, doctors use several drugs and experimental procedures that have worked for some patients.

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