Trump says he will join donor conference in Beirut on Sunday


Donald Trump said leaders from various parts of the world will join the conference call (File)


President Donald Trump said on Friday he would participate in an international conference call for donors organizing aid to Lebanon after the giant explosion in Beirut.

Trump, who spoke earlier to the conference organizer, French President Emmanuel Macron, tweeted that “everyone wants to help!”

“We will have a conference call on Sunday with President Macron, Lebanese leaders and leaders from various other parts of the world,” he said.

The catastrophic explosion at the port of Beirut has killed more than 150 devastated areas of the city, as rescuers continue to desperately comb the rubble for survivors.

Officials said a huge shipment of dangerous ammonium nitrate had languished for years in a warehouse at the port and somehow caught on fire, causing the earthen explosion on Tuesday.

Lebanese hospitals, already strained by the increase in coronavirus cases and a severe economic crisis, were heavily damaged by the explosion and overwhelmed by the victims.

The World Health Organization has requested $ 15 million to cover immediate health needs.

The United Nations has said up to 100,000 children are among the 300,000 homeless, many of whom have been separated from their families.

Relief flights from Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates landed in Lebanon on Friday, after others from France, Kuwait, Qatar and Russia.

Trump said three US planes loaded with supplies were on their way to Lebanon, as were first responders and medical workers.

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