Sunny Leone, who flew to Mumbai after 6 months, is ready for a ‘new adventure’


Sunny Leone shared this selfie (courtesy sunnyleone)

Strong points

  • Sunny shared some updates on his way back from Los Angeles
  • “I just want the day to end!” Mood ”, she wrote from her place of transit
  • Sunny was in Los Angeles for six months

New Delhi:

Actress Sunny Leone, on her way to Mumbai from Los Angeles, shared a bunch of updates on Instagram. Sunny Leone temporarily moved to California in May for the safety of her children. After six months, she is back in Maximum City. Taking off from Los Angeles, the 39-year-old actress wrote that she was ready to embark on a “new adventure” in Mumbai: “6 months … it’s time to go back to Mumbai! New adventure!” Sunny traveled to Mumbai without her family, as she wrote this heartwarming message in an Instagram story: “Hmm … on the way. Heavy heart is leaving my family. But it’s time to go back to work!”


Sunny shared a selfie with goggles and a face mask – mandatory safety precautions for travel during the pandemic. From her transit stop, Sunny Leone wrote that she couldn’t wait for the trip to end in Mumbai: “I just want the day to end! Mood.

Here’s what Sunny Leone posted from her trip from Los Angeles to Mumbai:

Before his international trip, Sunny Leone and her family self-quarantined at home for a week: “It’s almost time to go home !! Quarantine alone with my family until I’m on a plane! Don’t approach anyone!” she wrote.


Meanwhile, this is what his quarantined Halloween celebrations looked like:

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are the parents of three – they adopted daughter Nisha in 2017, while twins Noah and Asher were born through surrogacy in 2018. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber had flown to California for the safety of their three children when India was in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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