Shivraj Singh Chauhan returns to Kamal Nath says coconut is in our culture


Chief Minister’s remark comes in response to Kamal Nath, who taunted him for carrying coconut


Responding to Congress leader Kamal Nath for his remarks on coconut, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said on Saturday the opposition was commenting on such things because they had nothing else .

“The coconut is in our culture. It is a symbol of purity and service. I wear a coconut and not a bottle of champagne. We have revived the development work that Kamal Nath and the Congressional government had. blocked, “Chauhan told ANI.

The Chief Minister’s remark comes in response to Kamal Nath, who had recently taunted Mr. Chauhan for carrying a coconut with him saying, “(Mr.) Chauhan carries a coconut with him, breaks it and makes a new announcement wherever he gets the chance. “

“We recently opened 13,000 new roads that were built during the COVID-19 pandemic. They complained that they didn’t have any money. Now that we are doing development work, they have a problem with this and are opposed to me carrying a coconut, ”Mr. Chauhan said.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan yesterday accused former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath of turning the state into a center of corruption and middlemen, and claimed that nothing was being done in the state without bribe an official.

The heated exchange of allegations in the state comes ahead of the upcoming 28-seat partial ballots in Madhya Pradesh on November 3. Results will be announced on November 10.


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