Shanthipriya tweets after a viral interview that Akshay Kumar’s skin tone was “playful”


Akshay and Shanthipriya in a promotional photo of Saugandh. (Image courtesy: shanthipriyaofficial)

Strong points

  • Akshay and Shanthipriya acted in Saugandh and Ikke Pe Ikka
  • These comments were Akshay’s way of being playful with me: Shanthipriya
  • Shanthipriya left the movies in 1994 three years after her Bollywood debut

New Delhi:

Actor Akshay Kumar Saugandh and Ikke Pe Ikka co-star Shanthipriya found a spot on the trend list after her interview with Navbharat Times (also published in French by Mumbai mirror), in which she alleged that actor Akshay Kumar had commented on skin color, went viral. Shanthipriya clarified the report and said that the comments made by Mr. Kumar were probably “his way of being playful with me”. She added that she did not believe he “did not want to hurt me or cause me distress”. Speaking to Navbharat Times, Shanthipriya said: “I used to wear skin-colored stockings and once during filming, Akshay joked on my darker knees than usual. He told several There were a few blood clots in my knees and all the actors and other crew members laughed well. Even if it was a joke, I felt very uncomfortable. stayed in the depths of my mind and I cried a lot about it, but I never applied fairness cream to my face. “

After the interview went viral, Shanthipriya tweeted, “I want to be clear, making these comments was how Akshay Kumar was playful with me. Even though his comments stayed with me for a while, I think he didn’t want to hurt me or cause me distress. I love all his work and wish him love and luck for his future! “

In the aforementioned interview, Shanthipriya also said, “Akshay is my good friend and I am not complaining here, but I certainly want to tell you that people need to understand how a joke about someone’s color can make them feel bad. wrong.”

Shanthipriya also said that her sister Bhanupriya left Bollywood because the industry didn’t accept her for her complexion and something similar happened to her. National award-winning actress Bhanupriya has appeared in over 100 films in the south. She has appeared in Hindi films like Dosti Dushmani, Suryaa: an awakening, Kasam Vardi Ki and Bhabhi (his last Hindi film, released in 1991).

“When I came to work in Bollywood, my dark color became my biggest enemy and I faced a lot of discrimination. My confidence was shattered and I was distracted. After a while, my films flopped and ultimately my career was over, “said Shanthipriya.

After appearing in several Tamil and Telugu films, Shanthipriya made her Bollywood debut against Akshay Kumar in 1991 Shanthipriya and his last film was that of 1994 Ikke Pe Ikka.


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