When Anupam Kher was almost “physically picked up by Michael Jackson’s bodyguards”


Anupam Kher with Michael Jackson in Mumbai in 1996. (Image courtesy: anupampkher)

Strong points

  • Anupam Kher broke the barricade to kiss Michael Jackson
  • Anupam Kher was presented to MJ as “the greatest actor in India”
  • “My story was captured in this photo,” he said.

New Delhi:

Actor Anupam Kher told the story of this photo of him with Michael Jackson during his visit to India in 1996. Anupam Kher said he was one of the “selected people” who lined up to meet the king of pop, which was held on an “improvisation”. scene with his bodyguards “, in the gardens of the Oberoi hotel in 1996. Anupam Kher stated that he” broke the barricade “to hug MJ and was almost” physically picked up by the bodyguards of Michael Jackson “when film distributor Bharat Shah (who organized the meeting and -greet) intervened and introduced Anupam Kher to Michael Jackson as” the greatest actor in India “.

Here is what Anupam Kher wrote: “When Michael Jackson visited India in 1996, a group of selected people were invited to meet him exclusively in the gardens of the Oberoi hotel. I was also lucky. Thanks to Bharat Bhai Shah. There was a little stage set up in the garden with a barricade for special guests. Mr. J. got out of his suite and stood on the improvised stage with his bodyguards. There was silence and a sense of fear among the selected guests. I watched this magician who had captivated and hypnotized the entire universe with its electrifying performance. “

“He was a few meters from me. I wanted to capture this moment. So I broke the barricade that jumped on the scene and I almost hugged MJ in my arms. The bodyguards rushed towards me and Before they could take me physically, Bharat Bhai Shah panicked introduced me to Michael Jackson as the greatest actor in India. He immediately and politely bent over and shook my hands in jubilation. entered in this image. “

Take a look at Anupam Kher’s post:

On the work side, Anupam Kher was last seen in a 2019 film. Prime Minister accidental, in which he played the role of former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


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