Rajasthan Congress crisis: if the Gehlot team is strong, why is it locked in a hotel: pilot team member


Ashok Gehlot flashed victory sign after legislators’ meeting


Congress chief Hema Ram Choudhary, who supports Rajasthan’s rebel unit chief Sachin Pilot in the continuing struggle for power, demanded a change of leadership from the state government. In an interview with GalacticGaming, he expressed doubts about the request for support from chief minister Ashok Gehlot of 106 deputies. “If they have 106 deputies, they have the majority. So why did they have to lock the deputies in a hotel?” He asked.

On Monday, the Congress gathered at least 100 deputies in a hotel to rule out possible incentives to join the Sachin Pilot group, which is also camped in a luxury hotel in the national capital. Gehlot flashed the victory sign after a meeting of lawmakers, saying he doesn’t lose sleep because of his deputy’s rebellion.

Pilot, who was forced to give up his claim to the post of chief minister in 2018, claims the support of 30 deputies but congressional sources say he has no more than 16. “We are with Sachin Pilot. 30 people are supporting us, “said Choudhury.

The leader warned Congress that he would have trouble even winning eleven seats if the leadership is not changed, implying that Mr. Pilot must replace the former chief minister.

“The election of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha 2013 was contested under the leadership of Ashok Gehlot; Congress then won only 21 seats, the first time in the history of Rajasthan … if we continue with the current leadership, we will not ‘will get no more than 11 seats in the next election – we want to warn the central party leadership, “he said, adding:” Change the leadership, save Congress. “

He pointed out that although Mr. Pilot played a central role in reviving the Congress after a disastrous spectacle in the 2014 national elections, he was ignored for the post of chief minister.

“These elections were contested under the leadership of Sachin Pilot, who strengthened Congress by visiting homes and connecting with people for five years. Through his efforts, Congress members won and the party was able to form the government. (But) when it came to appointing the chief minister, he was sidelined. Since then, it was the decision of the high command, we drank this poison but now l ‘water has passed our head,’ he said.

He said that Mr. Gehlot’s government has not kept the promises made in the Congress manifesto.

“We have to save ourselves. We made promises to the masses in return for the votes and they have expectations from us. We decided that there was still very little time left … We are not able to meet to the people, “he added.

When asked if he would consider joining the BJP if his requests were not met, he replied, “We fought against the BJP during the elections. We have nothing to do with the BJP. But it is our duty to save Congress. “


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