Rahul Gandhi to run Congress again, says Rajasthan’s deputy chief pilot, Sachin


We ask Rahul Gandhi to lead the party again, said Sachin Pilot.


Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister and head of the Pradesh congressional committee, Sachin Pilot, said Thursday that Rahul Gandhi should take over the chairmanship again.

“We are asking Rahul Gandhi to lead the party again,” Pilot told reporters at the party’s office in Jaipur.

His request came as Mr. Gandhi refined his attack on the Modi government for managing the border with China and for raising fuel prices. The BJP responded aggressively, the president of the party JP Nadda declared Wednesday that it was time for unity and solidarity and that “the revival of the scion for the umpteenth time can wait”.

Pilot also targeted the Center on rising fuel prices and tension on the Sino-Indian border in eastern Ladakh.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the border situation is still unclear.

“The prices of diesel and gasoline keep going up and putting pressure on people. We are asking the Center to reverse the price hike,” said Pilot. He said the party would hold demonstrations in all the district headquarters on June 29 against the price hike.

On Wednesday, regarding an alleged attack on the party’s MLA in Karauli, Pilot said it was a concern and that the police should ensure the safety of representatives of the public.

He said he also spoke to MP Bharosi Lal when the fire occurred.

A minor boy has already been arrested for attempting to shoot the deputy.


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