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The call for a boycott of Chinese products began a few days after the death of 20 soldiers in Ladakh.

New Delhi:

A ban on Chinese products “will not be possible” because the country is “highly dependent” on Chinese products at the moment, said today the head of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations in the midst of a crisis. economic against China and a call to boycott Chinese products. “If China takes retaliatory measures, India will lose more,” FIEO chief Sharad Kr Saraf told reporters during an online interaction.

The call for a boycott of Chinese products began a few days after the death of 20 soldiers and more than 70 injured in a clash with Chinese troops in the Galwan region of Ladakh. While many traders agree with the call from the Confederation of Indian Traders or CAIT, many have expressed concern that at present there is nothing to replace Chinese products. Although Indian products in many categories are not available, those available are not advantageous in terms of price.

The Export Council said that the Chinese components also maintain the competitive price for the export items.

“We are against a blanket ban on Chinese products. We get key inputs from China, which makes exports competitive,” said Ajay Sahai, general manager of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations.

“Banning Chinese products in an emotional situation will not be correct. An instinctive reaction is never right. Our economy will have to bear the cost of such a decision,” he said.

The Federation asked DG Trade (DGFT) “that we must adopt a calibrated approach on this issue”, added Mr. Saraf.

50 to 60% of Indian exports are destined for China in the form of raw materials. China processes and exports to other countries, said Sahai.

“We have to carefully examine the supply of raw materials exported from India to China … There is a need to control the exports of raw materials,” he added.

Over the past week, the government has decided to “firmly tell” state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd not to use Chinese equipment in its 4G upgrade due to security concerns. A Chinese company having obtained a railway contract of Rs 471 crores was shown the door “due to poor progress”.

This week, the government made reference to the mandatory “country of origin” for sellers who list their products on the government e-Marketplace – a state-run online porta – a move that should increase the chances against Chinese products. Government sources said a group of e-commerce companies, including Amazon and Flipkart, had decided to display “Country of origin” on their new products.


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