Proposed MSME Order Will Not Affect Indigenous Land Rights, Assam Says


Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal held a meeting on July 7 on the issue of MSME orders.


With growing concerns in Assam over the draft micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) order prevailing over the rights of indigenous communities over their agricultural land, the government of Assam said on Thursday that it would add in the draft ordinance on MSMEs that all the provisions of the 2015 law on agricultural lands of Assam (regulation of reclassification and transfer for non-agricultural purposes) must be followed for the establishment of any MSME.

The government has also clarified that no exemption will be granted under the law or under any land law for any business initiative or business enterprise.

The Government also added that a previous provision provided that after obtaining the certificate of recognition, agricultural land must be considered as converted for non-agricultural purposes to create an industry.

According to a government press release, it has now been decided that no such exemption will be granted.

The Minister of Assam Industries, Chandramohan Patowary, also specified that the commercial companies will have to take all the authorizations, authorizations and approvals related to the grounds before starting an industry.

This was decided at a crucial meeting chaired by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on July 7 to discuss the land use provisions of the draft ordinance. Ramesh Chandra Borpatra Gohain, general counsel, attended the meeting, official sources added.


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