Prithviraj shares a photo of body transformation a month after “He had a dangerously low fat percentage”


Prithviraj shared this photo (with permission therealprithvi)

Strong points

  • Prithviraj is quarantined at home after returning from Jordan
  • The actor shared an experience of filming ‘Aadujeevitham’
  • He also had a conversation with Dulquer Salmaan on Instagram

New Delhi:

Southern actor Prithviraj Sukumaran, who has been stranded in Jordan for almost three months, returned to Kochi last week and sent the Internet into a tizzy with a photo of body transformation. Tuesday, Prithviraj instagrammed a shirtless photo and wrote how he had gone to extremes for filming naked body scenes in the next malayalam movie Aadujeevitham, for whom he went to Jordan and was then locked up in the Arab country. In his note, Prithviraj wrote that he had reached his current physique after a month of refueling to regain his normal form: “One month since we finished the last of the naked body scenes for Aadujeevitham. On the last day, I had dangerously low fat percentage and visceral fat levels. After that … a month of refueling, rest and training, my body brought me here. I guess my crew who saw me a month ago when I was at my weakest, and well below my ideal weight, will be really surprised. “

Prithviraj also thanked his trainer and the director of the film Blessy “for having understood that the shooting of” THIS day “, the shooting will have to be planned with sufficient time allocated for my recovery.” He also shared his biggest advantage of the experience: “Remember, the human body has its limits … the human mind does not,” wrote Prithviraj.

The 37-year-old actor also tagged his colleague Duquer Salmaan in his post, which in the comments section wrote: “Thank goodness it’s done. You already look great. Now for some bulking and gaining. Which is usually my problem. “Prithviraj replied,” And staying lean is mine. If we could trade bodies as and when it suits us. “

Prithviraj, who is in quarantine at home after returning from Jordan, took care of training routines immediately after returning home.

Friday, when he returned home, Prithviraj shared this post on Instagram: “On the way to quarantine in style.” His wife Supriya had written in a statement: “After almost three months, Prithviraj and the crew of Aadujeevitham have arrived in Kerala. They will all be quarantined in accordance with the regulations. The wait has been long and arduous but we are really grateful to everyone, including the authorities who helped facilitate this return. Personally, we would like to thank all the fans and supporters who prayed for us and gave us strength during our time of separation. “

Prithviraj Sukumaran returned with a crew of 83 members as part of phase 2 of Vande Bharat. The Indian Embassy in Jordan organized the repatriation of 187 Indians from Jordan. The flight landed in Kochi on May 22 after a stopover in New Delhi.


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