Prime Minister Modi must publicly condemn shameless Chinese incursion, says Kapil Sibal in Ladakh


Congressman Kapil Sibal attacks Prime Minister Modi for “cheeky Chinese incursion” (File)

New Delhi:

Relentless Congress continued attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi today over violence in Ladakh and the Indo-Chinese stalemate, with top leader Kapil Sibal demanding that Prime Minister “clear the air of the LAC (Actual Line of Control) and publicly condemns the guilty Chinese Incursion. “

In a forceful comment, Kapil Sibal said that the past six years – the days when the Narendra Modi government was in power – had seen “India’s biggest diplomatic failures”.

“Prompt action must be taken to resolve the LAC problem with China. The Prime Minister must address the people to clear the air and publicly condemn China’s brazen incursion,” said Sibal. , adding, “(PM) must promise that if someone has captured Indian territory, we will reject them. If you say so, the public and the opposition as a whole will be behind you and your promise,” he said. .

He also warned the Prime Minister against using an economic blockade to resolve this crisis, a reference to widespread calls from a trading body – CAIT (Confederation of All India Traders) – to boycott Chinese products and fine-tune government rules requiring that all foreign businesses must mention the “country of origin” for their products in an online portal run by the state.

The government has also decided to “firmly tell” state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited not to use Chinese equipment for 4G upgrades. A Chinese company that won a railway contract was given the opportunity to open the door “due to weak progress”.

Congress has remained ruthless in its criticism of the government since 20 Indian soldiers were killed late in the night of June 15 during violent clashes with Chinese troops in the Galwan region of eastern Ladakh.

The wave of attacks has intensified since a multi-party meeting held last week, during which Prime Minister Modi reportedly said: “No one on our territory or any of our posts has been captured.”

The Prime Minister’s Office hastened to issue a clarification, but Congress interpreted this to mean that Indian territory had been ceded to China.

Earlier today, former interior minister P. Chidambaram tweeted satellite images showing the difference in build-up of Chinese forces along the LAC region. “Spot the differences between May 22 and June 22, 2020 at the Indo-Chinese border,” said the Union’s former interior minister.

Over the past week, several satellite images accessible by GalacticGaming appear to show the presence of Chinese structures and military vehicles on both sides of the actual line of control in the Galwan River valley.

Last month, the images appeared to show the construction of a high-altitude Chinese air base, located just 200 km from Pangong Lake, the site of a previous skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, who voiced criticism of Prime Minister Modi and the government’s handling of the crisis, asked him on Friday to “tell the truth without fear” and to confirm whether China had occupied Indian territory.

Gandhi also described PM Modi as “Surender” Modi and published a report by Chinese spokesman Global Times praising PM for his comment.

The BJP repelled the attacks, party leader JP Nadda said earlier this week: “A dynast makes whims and his courtiers peddle a false story … The nation is united and supports our armed forces. “hour of unity and solidarity. The revival of the” scion “for the nth time may wait”.

“Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi act as spokespersons for China. Indians ask tough questions and run away. You stole the money from the Indian government,” BJP spokesperson GVL said on Friday. Narasimha Rao.

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