Constitution is our guiding light, says PM Modi at Mar Thoma church event


India is in a much better position than many other countries to fight the coronavirus, said Prime Minister Modi. (File)

Affirming that the guiding light of the government is the Constitution of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the government made no distinction between faith, sex, caste, creed or language and was led by the desire to empower 130 crores of Indians.

Addressing the 90th anniversary celebrations of Reverend Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan in Pathanamthitta, Kerala by videoconference, he said: “We made decisions not in comfortable government offices in Delhi but after comments from people on the ground . “

“It is this spirit that has enabled every Indian to have access to a bank account,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that the government of India made no distinction between faith, sex, caste, creed or language.

“We are guided by the desire to empower 130 Crore Indians and our flagship is the Constitution of India,” he said at the meeting.

Referring to the fight against the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Modi said that due to the nationwide foreclosure, a people-led fight and several initiatives taken by the government, India is much better placed than many other countries.

He said India’s recovery rate is increasing. The people-led fight has worked well so far, said Prime Minister Modi, warning that the people could not yet let down their guards.

“In fact, we have to be even more careful now. Wearing masks, following social isolation, avoiding crowded places remains important,” he said.

The Prime Minister has declared that Mar Thoma Church is closely linked to the noble ideals of Saint Thomas, the apostle of the Lord Christ. It is with this spirit of humility that the Mar Thoma Church has worked to make a positive difference in the lives of other Indians, he said.

They have done so much in areas such as health care and education, he said, adding that Joseph Mar Thoma has dedicated his life to improving society and the nation.

He was particularly passionate about eradicating poverty and women, said the Prime Minister.


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