People receive 2,000 rupees for completing quarantine in Odisha centers: official


Odisha: people receive 2,000 rupees for completing quarantine period


In accordance with the order of the state government, people from other Odisha states receive 2,000 rupees to induce them to complete the quarantine period.

Jajpur district magistrate Ranjan Kumar Das said more than 1,300 temporary quarantine centers are operational in the district.

“The Odisha government has issued an order that people from outside will be placed in institutional quarantine or home quarantine as appropriate. To encourage people to enroll in (institutional) quarantine, an incentive of 2,000 rupees is given to them, “Das told ANI.

“We provide free food of 120 rupees per day to adults and 100 rupees to children in quarantine centers. If a quarantined person wants to work as gardening / painting etc. inside the medical center temporary (TMC), then a daily sum of Rs 150 is paid for a maximum period of 10 days, “he said.

The district magistrate said that the administration provides all the facilities for quarantined people in the TMC.

“We provide them with daily needs such as a toothbrush, paste, bucket, cup, bath and wash soaps, bed sheets and sheets, etc. We provide them with breakfast and tea in the morning, lunch by day, cookies or snacks before evening and dinner. overnight inside the quarantine center, “he said.

Paresh Kumar Biswal, Sarpanch from a village with a quarantine center said: “Odisha is the only state that encourages people to stay in quarantine. We have provided Rs 2000 each to 144 people who have stayed in the center of quarantine.”

A man named Pinaki, who returned from Nashik in Maharashtra, received 2,000 rupees after spending 10 days in a quarantine center in Maidipur.

“I was from Nashik and have been living in a quarantine center ever since. The government has provided us with very good facilities. Rs 2,000 was credited to my account after ten days,” he said.

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