Nysa on her “laid back” relationship with mom Kajol and advice from dad Ajay Devgn


Nysa with mom Kajol (courtesy kajol)

Strong points

  • “She is much colder than I think,” said Nysa
  • “My mother and I are very similar,” she added.
  • “I know we are both very strong,” she added.

New Delhi:

Saturday, Kajol instagrammed a video montage with the caption “Quarantine gangs with my baby,” which is basically a compilation of revelations made by Kajol and also his daughter Nysa. The video presents glimpses of Kajol and Nysa, from the time when Nysa was a baby until his current 17 year old self. While these insights are playing out, Nysa’s voiceover is the bottom line when she talks about growing up as a star-kid, how her parents shielded her from the media, advice from dad Ajay Devgn and his relationships with his mother Kajol. Nysa started off by saying that she “was still trying to understand” her real self, “especially growing up with attention, even though my parents had made me blind enough.” Ajay Devgn and Kajol are also parents of a son named Yug.

She then explained how these words from Ajay Devgn were her constant light: “One of the advices that my father gave me was that my silence made me complacent. It always made me believe that I could do n no matter what if I worked hard for it. ” Nysa added: “I always have the impression that whatever I do, it brings me back to my parents and all my moods are under a magnifying glass. Honestly, for all enemies, there are so many people who say things so kind and gentle about me that I don’t even really feel deserved. “

The video then presents the voice-over of Kajol, who talks about her evolution from an “anxious mother” to a “relaxed” mom: “My relationship with Nysa started as an anxious mother. You know we went through” scream “to each other throughout the day. I think we have now settled into a comfortable and relaxing relationship.”

Talking about her equation with Kajol, Nysa added, “I think my mom and I look very much alike. She is much colder than I ever think. I know we are both very noisy and both of us don’t don’t really have a filter. “

Watch the video shared by Kajol here:

Nysa is studying in Singapore and is currently at home with her family in Mumbai. When Nysa started school in 2018, Kajol had said in interviews that Nysa leaving home was more difficult for Ajay Devgn than she was. Kajol hasn’t revealed any plans for whether Nysa wants to join Bollywood or not.


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