No home quarantine for those who come to Punjab for less than 72 hours


Quarantine restrictions to remain in effect in Punjab (representation)


Travelers coming to Punjab for less than 72 hours will be exempt from the 14-day mandatory home quarantine requirement, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said on Tuesday.

Mr. Singh said it was decided to provide this concession to facilitate students wishing to come for exams or business travelers, etc., whose stay in the state is less than 72 hours from their arrival.

It has been decided to exempt these travelers from the 14-day mandatory home quarantine requirement that remains in effect for domestic travelers entering Punjab, Singh said in a statement.

Exempted travelers must, however, submit a formal commitment to the border control post in a standard format provided on the COVA application, which they must download to their phones.

In addition to entering their contact information in the passenger information section of the application, these individuals should commit to keeping the COVA application active throughout their stay in Punjab.

The additional standard operating procedures for these travelers require them to voluntarily declare that they are not from any containment area and to agree not to stay more than 72 hours in the Punjab from their arrival in the state , said the statement.

During this period, they will commit to monitoring their health and keeping their distance from those around them, and will also interact with the designated monitoring team in case they develop symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and immediately call 104 .

All necessary precautions should be strictly observed and failure to wear a mask / social distancing would make them susceptible to compliance under section 188 of the IPC in accordance with the provision of the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 said the CM.

In addition, if in the week following his return, such a person is tested positive, he should immediately contact the Punjab government at 104 and help him find contacts, the statement said.

While the central government recently waived the home quarantine requirement for domestic travelers and replaced it with self-monitoring, the CM made it clear that quarantine restrictions would continue to apply in Punjab due increase in number.

“Today’s announcement is the only exception to the rule,” the statement added.

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