Tibetan representatives meet with WHO and United Nations officials in Delhi; Request for probe into the origin of the virus


The memorandum urged a transparent understanding of the source of the virus (representational)

New Delhi:

Representatives from 10 Tibetan associations met with representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) in Delhi and submitted a memorandum demanding a transparent investigation into the source of the infection.

WHO scientists are currently in China to study the genetic source and genome of the coronavirus.

Tibetan officials have asked China to publicly announce that scientists are studying the virus to comply with a WHO resolution to identify the zoonotic source of the virus and not at the invitation of the Chinese government.

Speaking to ANI, Dolma Gyari, former vice-president and former interior minister of the Tibetan Parliament in exile, said that a team of ten Tibetan associations had gone to meet officials from WHO and the To speak on the issue.

“It becomes embarrassing when claims imply that WHO scientists, who are present in China to identify the zoonotic source of the virus and the route of its introduction into the human population, are there at the invitation of China. , while respecting the credibility of the WHO scientists, in the general interest of all, we believe that under the current circumstances, they should return, “said Gyari.

The memorandum urges WHO to ensure that a full and transparent understanding of the source of the virus, the schedule of events and a full review of the WHO response is made public after the group’s report is submitted.

Sonam, president of the Tibetan Regional Association of Utsang in Delhi, said: “We have asked the United Nations to conduct a fair investigation into the arbitrary arrests, detentions and punishment of 20 Tibetans. They were prosecuted under the covered in a counter-pandemic taken by China. The arrests continue to cause severe psychological and social torture. “

He also said that China should open its doors to all regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region for members of the WHO team so that they could access the real situation on the ground.

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