Mayawati seeks Supreme Court-supervised investigation into deaths of Vikas Dubey, cops


Mayawati sought court-supervised inquiry into meeting of Vikas Dubey, killing Kanpur cops


Party leader Bahujan Samaj Mayawati today demanded a Supreme Court investigation into the encounter with gangster Vikas Dubey.

She wanted the investigation to cover the murder of eight police officers last week in an ambush planned and executed by Dubey.

Vikas Dubey was shot dead today by UP police, who claim he was trying to escape after the car taking him from Ujjain was knocked down on the outskirts of Kanpur.

The SUV encountered an accident in Bhaunti in Kanpur district, overturning an isolated part of the road that was slippery after the rains, police said.

“There should be an impartial investigation under the supervision of the Supreme Court into the murder of police officers in Kanpur and the meeting of the main accused Vikas Dubey while he was trying to flee when the police vehicle overturned,” said Mayawati in a tweet in Hindi.

In a separate tweet, she said, “This high-level investigation is necessary to ensure justice for eight police officers killed in Kanpur and to identify the link between the police and criminal political elements. By such measures, UP can become exempt of crime. “

Eight police officers, including DSP Devendra Mishra, were ambushed in the village of Bikru, in the Chaubeypur district of Kanpur, when they were going to arrest Vikas Dubey and were killed in the rooftops shortly after midnight on 2 July.

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