Madhya Pradesh VHP Vigilante cow killed, frightening murder caught on camera


The incident occurred in the town of Pipariya, about 150 km from Bhopal.


A 35-year-old man linked to a right-wing cow vigilante group was attacked with sharp weapons and then killed by a group of men in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, police said on Saturday. The incident was filmed by a witness on his cell phone.

Ravi Vishwakarma, the district in charge of the Hindu “gau raksha” wing Vishwa Parishad, was returning from Hoshangabad with two other people in a car on Friday when the incident occurred in the town of Pipariya, about 150 km from Bhopal , announced the police. .

“A group of men attacked Vishwakarma and two others in the car with sharp weapons. They then shot two bullets, one of which hit Vishwakarma in the chest, killing him instantly. The other two were also The attackers fled. “Police officer Satish Andhwan told PTI news agency.

“We have registered a case against 10 people and efforts are underway to catch them. It could be the fallout from an old enmity between Vishwakarma and the attackers. He was the district in charge of the left raksha wing of the VHP, “added the manager.

In the video of the incident, six to eight men, some with faces covered in towels and scarves, are seen for the first time attacking the car near a bridge. A woman is heard coaxing the man recording the video to leave the area.

The assailants who are seen wielding rods smash the windows of the car, then force two men accompanying the VHP leader out of the car. The men then shoot the car with a pistol and take out Vishwakarma and beat him with rods to make sure that he is dead.

A VHP official in the Gopal Soni area told PTI that it was a planned murder. “Vishwakarma worked for the protection of cows as district chief of the left raksha wing of VHP. His assassination should be carefully examined,” said Mr. Soni.

Slaughtering cows is illegal in most parts of India, and several vigilante groups are responsible for enforcing the law, often with violence.

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