Law Enforcement Branch Opposes Closure of Naresh Goyal Probe


Naresh Goyal Makes Fake Promises To Business, Complains (File)


The Law Enforcement Branch (ED) objected to the Mumbai police filing a closure report in an earlier cheating case against Jet Airways, its promoter Naresh Goyal, and his wife.

Declaring that the police did not take into account the crucial facts of the case, the ED filed a request for intervention in court.

Jet Airways, Goyal and his wife Anita were charged with cheating and a range of criminal confidence in February this year by MRA Marg police following a complaint by city-based Akbar Travels India Private Limited , alleging that they had been deceived of Rs 46 crore by the Goyals.

In their closing report filed in court a month later, police said there was no evidence to further investigate the matter.

In his request, the DE stated that the police had ignored the facts which were crucial in establishing the case against the Goyals.

Meanwhile, Akbar Travels has decided to challenge the closure report in court.

“The city police report appears to have been filed without an adequate investigation. No investigation has been conducted into our allegations of personal insurance by the manager (of Jet Airways) and also into the details of the foreign account provided by the plaintiff, “Akbar Travel’s lawyer Dharmesh Joshi said on Saturday, adding that he would file a petition on July 6.

According to the police complaint earlier, Jet Airways had done business worth Rs 900 crore with Akbar Travels between 2018-19.

He alleged that the airline and its promoter had not paid Rs 46,05,68,036 to the travel agency.

Despite Jet Airways’ financial crisis, which was in a position of no return, Naresh Goyal made false promises. He voluntarily urged the travel company to take reservations on behalf of the airline, the complaint said.


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