It’s time to forget about political rivalry and fight China: Shiv Sena


China does not want war but maintains the threat of war that threatens India, said Shiv Sena.


Shiv Sena said on Saturday that it was time for political parties to forget about their rivalry and talk about the issue of fighting China.

In an editorial in his spokesman, Saamana, Shiv Sena wrote about the BJP accusing Congress of receiving money from China: “China has started new construction in the Galwan Valley. Chinese soldiers pass by Arunachal and Sikkim. Therefore, it is time to unite and forget about political rivalries, we have to fight China and talk about this issue. “

Describing China’s policy, Shiv Sena said, “China is constantly taking such measures, which increases India’s headaches. Saying something and doing something else is China’s policy. China does not not want war but its policy is to keep India engaged in waging war like a border situation. “

The party said, “China is about to withdraw its troops and vehicles from the Galwan Valley. But at the same time, the Chinese military has set up new tents in the Depsang area of ​​Ladakh. Cannons and tanks are deployed. This means that China has opened a new front and it is not ready to move back from our borders. China does not want war but it maintains the threat of war which threatens India. “


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