US fighter planes intercept Russian fighter planes near Alaska


It was the fourth time this month that the United States intercepted Russian planes near Alaska. (Representative)


US fighter planes intercepted four Russian reconnaissance planes near Alaska on Saturday, American commanders said.

The Russian Tu-142s arrived within 65 nautical miles south of the Aleutian Islands range in Alaska and “strolled” through the Air Defense Identification Zone of Alaska (ADIZ) for eight hours.

But they remained in international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian airspace, said the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on Twitter.

An ADIZ is a perimeter within which air traffic is monitored by the air forces of one or more friendly countries so that they have more time to react to a hostile action.

The United States has created four of these zones, but a dozen other countries have also created their own zones.

It was the fourth time this month that American planes intercepted Russian planes near Alaska.

On May 29, the Russian Defense Ministry released images of two American B-1 bombers intercepted by Russia after flying over the Baltic and Black Seas near Russia.

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