Gujarat adds a record 735 new cases of coronavirus; 17 More Die


Gujarat coronavirus: the state now has 8,573 active (representational) cases


Gujarat reported a new record 735 new coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the number to 36,858, the state health department said.

With the deaths of 17 other COVID-19 patients, the number of deaths increased to 1,962, he said.

The number of recovered cases rose to 26,323 and an additional 423 patients were discharged on Monday, the health department said in a statement.

The state now has 8,573 active cases, the condition of 69 patients being critical, the report said.

The Gujarat COVID-19 figures are as follows: positive cases 36,858, new cases 735, deaths 1,962, discharges 26,323, active cases 8,573, people tested so far 4 18,464.

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