Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla


Harsh Vardhan Shringla says Indo-Pacific is all about looking at what your options are. (File)


The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit are both “game changers” that have forced countries to think very carefully about geopolitical aspirations and how they define the course of future economic and political energies, the Tuesday said. Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla in London.

Speaking to the Policy Exchange think tank on ‘India’s vision of the Indo-Pacific’, the senior official also expressed hope that the UK would follow France, the Netherlands and Germany to finalize its Indo-Pacific strategy in accordance with change in the global economic trajectory from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific.

“The two are changing the game … Brexit has forced Europe and the UK to redefine their relationship with their main partners. We see this as a unique opportunity to redefine and re-establish our ties with the UK”, Mr Shringla said, answering questions with Lord Jo Johnson at the end of his speech.

“Indo-Pacific is all about looking at what your options are … We would like the UK to step in as a major investor and innovation partner; a range of business in the digital age and cybercrime that might not even have been possible to conceive earlier, ”he says.

Emphasizing that India has not only incorporated the term “Indo-Pacific”, but has also encouraged countries to perceive and define the region to its full extent – as the vast maritime space that stretches from the coast western North America to the eastern coasts of Africa.

“For us, and for many others, the shift in economic trajectory from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific has been extremely important. The rise of China and the need for a global rebalancing have added to the mix. A rules-based international order is only achievable with a rules-based Indo-Pacific, ”said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In November 2017, India, Japan, the United States and Australia gave shape to the long-standing proposal to create the “Quad” to develop a new strategy to maintain critical sea routes of the Indo-Pacific free from all influence.

Mr. Shringla described the Indo-Pacific as the “undisputed” place of the 21st century of political and security concerns and of competition, growth and development, incubation and technological innovation.

“This is why a country like Germany, physically distant but an economic player in the Indo-Pacific, has published a strategy for the region. After France and the Netherlands, it is the third European country to do … The UK, we hope and expect, will be next on the list, and will soon finalize its Indo-Pacific strategy, ”he said.

Without naming any country specifically, he stressed the need to secure end-to-end supply chains in the region, without “disproportionate dependence” on a single country.

“An Indo-Pacific guided by standards and governed by rules, with freedom of navigation, open connectivity and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all States, is an article of faith for India. “, did he declare.

Mr. Shringla arrived in London for the final leg of his European tour preceded by visits to France and Germany. In London, he has talks scheduled with officials from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) as well as a series of engagements.

“We went to London for a 33 hour, 9 engagement visit, involving talks with leaders of the UK Foreign Office and meetings with ministers, senior officials, MPs, business, media and the community In the post-coronavirus world, India and the UK a vaccine partnership will come, “he said in a statement on Twitter.

“From climate change to greater mobility of Indian talent, from common approaches from terrorism to prosecuting white collar criminals, India and the UK have a lot to work on. They will share India’s perspectives on technology and development, digital frontiers and the Pacific region, ”he said.

The Indian High Commission in London said that the Foreign Minister’s visit to the UK, “despite the limitations posed by COVID-19”, shows India’s commitment to international engagement and diplomatic outreach.

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