Delhi Women’s Panel unites Bihar woman with Delhi lover


DCW contacted Bihar police and the woman was found from Bihar.

New Delhi:

The Delhi Commission for Women came to the rescue of a Bihar woman who found her lover in the nation’s capital amid fears for the couple’s safety, officials said on Tuesday.

According to the Commission, a man lodged a complaint with the women’s rights body and said he was in a relationship with a Sushila (name changed). He said they lived together in Indirapuram in Uttar Pradesh.

Sushila’s parents learned of the relationship and brought her back to Bihar. Her lover was also beaten by them, he said.

The complainant was contacted by the Commission and asked where Sushila was. He said he had word with her some time ago and since then her cell phone has been turned off, DCW said in a statement.

Sushila told the complainant that she was being held somewhere near Bhagwati Sthan Mandir, but did not know the exact location.

DCW contacted Bihar police and the woman was eventually found from Pandaul in Bihar. Police informed the Commission that the woman’s life was in danger and that she needed to be moved to a safer location, he said.

Later, the woman was taken to the nation’s capital. The couple reunited in Delhi. A court ordered Delhi police to ensure the couple’s safety, the statement said.

“The girl found the man of her choice. Their lives were constantly in danger from her parents as well as from some religious organizations. We were able to rescue her with the help of the Bihar police and also organized His security. We have gone beyond our jurisdiction to help him and will continue to serve humanity selflessly, “said DCW Chief Swati Maliwal.

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