Delhi reports 7,745 coronavirus cases, biggest one-day spike


Delhi reported its biggest coronavirus peak today with 7,745 infections

New Delhi:

The nation’s capital has reported 7,745 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours – the highest number of cases since the pandemic hit the city earlier this year. This was the second time that the number of COVID-19 cases per day in Delhi has surpassed the 7,000 mark; the first took place on November 6 with 7,178 cases.

The cases are now at 4,38,529. Government data shows that 79 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, and the death rate stands at 1.6%, while the cure rate is 89%.

Air quality in the National Capital Region or RCN has also been a matter of great concern as winter approaches amid the coronavirus pandemic and with Delhi reporting thousands of COVID-19 cases every day.


Poor air quality in winter could have a big impact on health, as experts widely believe people with co-morbidities are at higher risk because the virus is known to affect the respiratory system.

The national capital’s daily positivity rate is 15.3%, while the national average is 3.8%. Center urged states to take action to keep positivity rate below 5%


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