Delhi Misdemeanor Six of the family, two more use fake IDs to obtain credit and debit cards to make purchases: cops


Delhi crime: Defendant used fake IDs to obtain 63 bank cards for shopping (Representation)

New Delhi:

Delhi Police arrested a gang of eight – including six relatives living in a posh town in West Delhi – for using fake IDs to open multiple accounts at 13 banks and obtaining 63 debit and credit cards to purchase big ticket items worth at least 3-4 crore rupees.

Cash of Rs15 lakh, jewelry, two card machines and a cumulative sum of Rs 50 lakh on their accounts in all banks were seized by the police.

Police also seized all fake debit and credit cards, 83 check books and fake ID cards – 31 PAN cards, 18 Aadhaar cards, 30 voter ID cards. About fifteen SIM cards and cell phones, purchased using these documents, were also recovered.

Police say the accused turned to crime after the main accused’s family business suffered heavy losses about six years ago.

The scam, however, was only recently discovered after an internal audit of CITI Bank revealed that 36 accounts had been opened using false personal identification documents.

Based on a complaint filed by CITI Bank, the Economic Crimes Wing of the Delhi Police Force began to review these accounts. The police investigation revealed that the accused had used simple disguises to obtain identification documents under different names.


The defendants have been identified as Kanwal Raj, his wife, his two sons Ajay and Manish Kshatriya, their wives, Arun Sharma and his wife. All were arrested.

Police say Sharma, 25, is the mastermind behind the scam in 2013-14 after her father’s company, which made standards, suffered heavy losses.

“He took two people – Ravi Sachdeva and Umesh – to fabricate fake Aadhaar, PAN and voter ID cards to open multiple accounts in 13 banks and got 63 debit and credit cards issued,” he said. said senior police official OP Mishra.

Sachdeva and Umesh have yet to be arrested.


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