Congress whip objects as Digvijaya Singh tweets advice to Rahul Gandhi


Digvijaya Singh has more than once proposed Rahul Gandhi for the post of party leader

New Delhi:

Rahul Gandhi’s call for the return of congressional leader was echoed on social media by congressional leaders today with a video on his family background. Several congressional leaders have also put together their own wishlists on the approach the 49-year-old should take to endear himself to the people. Among them was Digvijaya Singh, a congressional leader from Madhya Pradesh, a staunch staunch of the Gandhi family who more than once offered Mr Gandhi the post of party leader before taking power in 2018.

Mr Gandhi, Mr Singh said, should be more “active” in parliament. It should also be “more accessible to people, Mr. Singh, tacitly pointing out criticism of Mr. Gandhi’s lack of mass connection. He also pointed to veteran Sharad Pawar’s advice to Mr. Gandhi.

“I agree. He is different and wants to do politics differently. We should allow him to do that, but we would also like him to be more active in Parliament and more accessible to people. As Sharad Pawar advises, he should be touring India. “Yatras” are important to connect, “one read in his tweet.

Manickam Tagore, one of Tamil Nadu’s youngest leaders and congressional whip in Lok Sabha, responded with a jibe that echoed the clash at the party’s internal meeting on Thursday.
Insisting that Mr Gandhi has already organized a hundred marches on foot, Mr Tagore tweeted: “I think that if whoever holds high positions in the party will really support him and not criticize behind his back, we will not be in opposition for long ”.

“Those who divulge the record conversion to a few media friends put their habits in check, we will win!” read another tweet. He appears to have deleted the tweets later, however.


Manickam Tagore, one of Tamil Nadu’s youngest leaders and congressional whip in Lok Sabha, responded with a jibe that echoed the clash at the party’s internal meeting on Thursday.

Mr. Singh – along with Kamal Nath – is widely believed to be behind Jyotiraditya Scindia’s exit from the party in March, leading to the collapse of the party government in Madhya Pradesh. Mr. Scindia’s exit and the current Sachin Pilot rebellion in Rajasthan reflect the current dilemma of young leaders in Congress.

On Thursday, calling for the return of Rahul Gandhi as party leader, the young leaders reportedly argued that those in the last UPA government should take responsibility for the party’s rapid decline.

After a decade of UPA rule, Congress lost power in 2014 to the BJP in what is among its worst performances. In last year’s general election, he lost more ground, with Mr Gandhi defeated by Smriti Irani on Amethi family court and Mr Scindia losing Guna stronghold.

The rift between the party’s old and young leaders cracked at Thursday’s meeting after veterans suggested the party needed more soul-searching, given its inability to capitalize on huge issues such as the coronavirus epidemic, the economic downturn and the problems with China. Leaders like Kapil Sibal had more than once criticized the party leadership.

As Rahul Gandhi led the party’s attack on the BJP with tweets and videos on social media, the young leaders clashed, accusing veterans of placing the party in dire straits.

Insisting that soul-searching was needed in the party’s defeat in 2014, Rajiv Satav, MP Rajya Sabha, 45, said: “We have to analyze the role of Congress during the UPA period, why the ministers meet with workers and why they lost touch with reality. Why the party failed in Maharashtra and Delhi “.


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