Chirag Paswan touched Nitish Kumar’s feet, did so soon after


Bihar 2020 Elections: Chirag Paswan touched Nitish Kumar’s feet at his father’s memorial.


When Nitish Kumar arrived at his father Ram Vilas Paswan’s memorial on Tuesday, Chirag Paswan touched the Chief Minister’s feet as a sign of respect. Shortly after Nitish Kumar left, Chirag Paswan released a list of candidates that included the daughter of a Janata Dal United executive.

Komal Singh, a candidate for the Lok Janshakti (LJP) party in Bihar’s elections starting next week, is the daughter of Nitish Kumar’s party lawmaker Dinesh Singh.

The name should trouble the chief minister in several ways.

Stung Janata Dal United executives claim that Komal Singh’s mother Veena Singh is a member of Vaishali’s LJP.

But sources say it was her father Dinesh Singh who convinced Chirag Paswan to nominate her for her party of Gaighat. And he did so despite the bitterness between Nitish Kumar and Chirag Paswan and knowing full well that the Gaighat JDU candidate – Maheshwar Yadav – was handpicked by the Chief Minister.

It is not known if Dinesh Singh tried to get her daughter on the JDU list of candidates.

Sources close to Chirag Paswan say Nitish Kumar should certainly be concerned if his own party lawmaker is not confident in his ability to win.

Bihar will vote in three phases between October 28 and November 7, and the results will be announced on November 10.

In the bitter campaign leading up to the election, Chirag Paswan accused Nitish Kumar of insulting his father Ram Vilas Paswan, who died on October 8, and of giving him coldness because of their political rivalry. In an interview with GalacticGaming, Chirag Paswan said he touched Nitish Kumar’s feet at Patna airport, where they gathered for the arrival of his father’s body, but the chief minister refused to acknowledge him. .

Yesterday, the same gesture took place differently. Nitish Kumar recognized the contact with Chirag Paswan’s feet and then sat down with him, offering a very rare visual of allies who have become rivals together.

But it was business as usual soon after, with Chirag Paswan challenging the chief minister by nominating the daughter of his party leader as a candidate.


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