Car in a police convoy taking gangster Vikas Dubey to Kanpur overturns


Vikas Dubey and police officers traveling by jeep were reportedly transported to the hospital.


One of the three police cars driving gangster Vikas Dubey to Uttar Pradesh from Madhya Pradesh, where he was arrested, overturned on the highway early this morning.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the car that overturned had Vikas Dubey inside. More details are awaited.

Vikas Dubey, who has been on the run since organizing the massacre of eight police officers in Kanpur last Friday, was arrested yesterday at a temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

He is said to have driven from Kanpur to Faridabad, via Kota in Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh – approximately 1,500 km – without being checked.

Questions were asked about how he had been arrested and whether it was an arrest or whether the gangster had gone when and where he wanted. UP chief police officer Mohit Agarwal said: “We caught many of his associates and a few were killed. He was therefore trying to save his life and flee.”

The arrest was reported hours after two of Dubey’s accomplices were shot dead by Uttar Pradesh police in separate meetings. One of them was arrested on Wednesday at the Faridabad hotel where Dubey was seen. On his way to the UP, he allegedly snatched a pistol from a police officer trying to repair a flat tire and tried to flee.

Last Friday, a large team of police officers who went to the village of Dubey in Bikru to arrest him in an attempted murder case were surprised by indiscriminate shots from the roofs. Eight police officers were killed in the ambush. Dubey escaped after the massacre.

The UP administration demolished Dubey’s house and launched a massive hunt for him. In the past week, five of Dubey’s accomplices have been killed.


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