85% of COVID deaths are people over 45, according to the Center


People over 45 have witnessed at least 85% of coronavirus deaths.

New Delhi:

People over the age of 45 have witnessed at least 85% of coronavirus-related deaths in the country, the health ministry said on Thursday.

He further stated that about 10% of the Indian population, over the age of 60, accounted for 53% of COVID-19-related deaths in the country.

“The bottom line is that at least 25% of the country’s population belonging to the 45 and over age group has seen 85% of COVID-related deaths. This high-risk population group requires special attention from the from state and central governments, “said Rajesh Bhushan, special service officer at the Union’s Ministry of Health during a press briefing on COVID-19.

People aged 60 to 74 make up 8% of the total population of India. However, they report 39% of deaths related to COVID-19.

People over the age of 75 account for 2% of the Indian population, but they account for 14% of deaths related to COVID.

“People under the age of 14 make up around 35% of the Indian population. This group has faced around 1% of COVID-19 deaths in India,” said Bhushan.

About 18% of the population under the age of 15 to 29 have faced 3% of deaths related to COVID-19, he said.

People aged 30 to 44, 22% of the Indian population, witnessed 11% of deaths from COVID-19.

In a significant development, the number of cases recovered exceeded the number of active COVID-19 cases by 2.06,588. The number of recovered cases is 1.75 times (almost twice) the number of active cases.


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