British Minister Douglas Ross steps down to protest lockout trip of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s help, Dominic Cummings


British Minister Douglas Ross resigns to protest Boris Johnson’s aid foreclosure trip.


The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was struck by his first resignation on Tuesday over the controversy surrounding the travel across the country of his assistant Dominic Cummings during the coronavirus lockout when Douglas Ross, a Minister for Scotland, resigned to protest.

Undermining ministers’ attempts to try to get out of the crisis that dominated British politics for four days, Ross said he could not justify keeping Cummings in his constituency.

“I have voters who could not say goodbye to their loved ones; families who could not cry together; people who did not visit sick relatives because they followed the advice from the government, “he said in a statement on Twitter announcing his departure. .

“I cannot tell them in good faith that they were all wrong and that a senior government adviser was right.”

He added that Cummings’ interpretation of government rules was “not shared by the vast majority of people”.

The resignation will put more pressure on Cummings, who held a press conference on Monday to justify driving his wife and young son on a 424-kilometer trip from London to Durham in the north-east of England at the height of the coronavirus crisis.

In response to the resignation, Downing Street said it “regrets” the minister’s decision.

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