Ajit Pawar slams BJP MLA Gopichand Padalkar for calling Sharad Pawar Corona Of Maharashtra


Ajit Pawar spoke to journalists after examining the situation of COVID-19 in Satara


Maharashtra’s deputy minister Ajit Pawar criticized BJP lawmaker Gopichand Padalkar on Saturday for his controversial comments about NCP chief Sharad Pawar.

Mr. Padalkar, a member of the State Legislative Council, is under fire from his alleged remark that “(Sharad) Pawar was a crown that infected Maharashtra”.

“Each person should speak with their own worth in mind. People should respect each other. This is our culture. This is what the late Yashwantrao Chavan (Prime Minister of Maharashtra) taught us and we must join it, “said Ajit Pawar.

The senior CPN official, nephew of Sharad Pawar, spoke to journalists after examining the situation of COVID-19 in the Satara district.

“You can verify what he (Padalkar) has said about (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi in the past,” added Ajit Pawar, apparently referring to Mr. Padalkar’s alleged statements when he was not with the BJP.

Padalkar lost his bond with the Baramati assembly segment in last year’s election, said Pawar, who beat him.

Ajit Pawar also recalled the comment of BJP leader Arun Jaitley that the whole country would be developed if there were 100 cities like Baramati, a bastion of the Pawar family.

“He (Jaitley) was considered the second in command after Modi. All the respect (Sharad) Pawar saheb. Some cheap people think they will become famous by speaking against the big people,” said the deputy chief minister. .

Pawar, who holds the financial portfolio, also said he had instructed the authorities to set up a COVID-19 laboratory at the Satara district hospital in the next three to four days.


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