2019 Civil Service Review Interview Summary


A total of 2,304 candidates were shortlisted for the 2019 civil service exam interview.

New Delhi:

The 2019 Civil Service Review interview series resumed today. The Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC) was in the process of conducting the talks when the government decided to impose a lockdown to limit the spread of COVID-19. A total of 2,304 candidates were shortlisted for the interview, which is the final selection cycle for the exam.

With the gradual lifting of the lockout, the UPSC decided to organize the interviews for the remaining candidates from July 20 to 30, and all candidates were properly informed in advance. In order to address the concerns of applicants, consultants and Commission staff in the area of ​​safety and health, arrangements have been made, the Commission said.

As the rail services are not fully functional, the UPSC has decided, on an ad hoc basis, to reimburse the price of the cheapest round-trip air ticket to candidates coming for the interview.

State governments have been asked to allow candidates with electronic meeting letters to enter / exit restricted areas to attend, he said. The Commission is also helping applicants with their accommodation and transportation needs, she added.

The UPSC has made arrangements for candidates to its office. Upon arrival at the Commission, all applicants will receive a “sealed kit” including a face mask, face shield, bottle of disinfectant and gloves.

Since interview panels are generally composed of senior advisers, the Commission has taken all precautionary and security measures for contactless interviews to protect investigators and interviewees in an appropriate manner, she said. declared.

“Commission staff involved in the conduct of the interviews will also be fitted with appropriate protective equipment. Arrangements have been made for regular cleaning of all rooms, halls, furniture and equipment. The arrangement of the candidates’ seats at all sites will guarantee a safe physical distance “The protocol / guidelines to be followed by candidates for attending the interview have been communicated to them,” said the UPSC.


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